Sometimes life just isn’t what it looks like on the Christmas card.

Have you ever gotten one of those Christmas family newsletters (aka “The Highlight Reel”)? You know the kind… Where the kids all had 4.0 GPAs, and Dad got the big promotion, and Mom started a blog.

Or how about this card?… The digital dancing elf that took 10 minutes and a few bad selfies.

Or maybe you’ve gotten one of these… The “Holiday greetings” from your gym or dentist reminding you that you haven’t been in a while.

You know what? Sometimes things just aren’t picture-perfect at Christmas. Honestly it doesn’t always feel like the most wonderful time of the year. Do we have to have it all-together to experience hope, and joy, and peace—the stuff Christmas is supposed to be about?

That what our new series, Christmas Cards, is gonna explore. It’ll provide a helpful and fun take on the not-so-perfect Christmas, no matter where you find yourself this year. Hope you can join us Sunday at First Christian December 10-24!

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